Entry #78

I know yes I know!

2017-11-23 08:37:28 by KawaiiDaniel

Well, hello to all of you, I know I'm not so available. And I want to be available but in terms of school it will be very difficult. I want to reconcile with those I quarreled with and atone for my evil deeds. And I also want to accept those who hate me and call him a homosexual. And that denigrates the good name of homosexuals and should not laugh at them. Or call people who are not gay by names like that.

Well, i need to say more things of course need to ask forgiveness!

So what will happen in the near future or in the future? Well I'm planning to be a video and animation critic.

I want to be very nice.

I want to ask forgiveness from everyone, those who hate me and made them hate me and I hated them unintentionally, and those I hurt and quarreled with because I was arrogant.


and most importantly! If you see me doing something against the law and telling me about the police. I will haunt you for the rest of your life and the end of your life will be performed by me because you have told me what will happen if you tell me about the police. It's really predictable you know?

Just kidding with you, I'm a perfectly legal person! Maybe you do not know me at all..?


That's all right now! Maybe I'll publish something about me. And right now I'm eating a hamburger in the restaurant and thinking about how to steal the money from the cash register.

And I'll steal the money to afford more hamburgers in this restaurant!


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