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KawaiiDaniel's News

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - November 23rd, 2017

Well, hello to all of you, I know I'm not so available. And I want to be available but in terms of school it will be very difficult. I want to reconcile with those I quarreled with and atone for my evil deeds. And I also want to accept those who hate me and call him a homosexual. And that denigrates the good name of homosexuals and should not laugh at them. Or call people who are not gay by names like that.

Well, i need to say more things of course need to ask forgiveness!

So what will happen in the near future or in the future? Well I'm planning to be a video and animation critic.

I want to be very nice.

I want to ask forgiveness from everyone, those who hate me and made them hate me and I hated them unintentionally, and those I hurt and quarreled with because I was arrogant.


and most importantly! If you see me doing something against the law and telling me about the police. I will haunt you for the rest of your life and the end of your life will be performed by me because you have told me what will happen if you tell me about the police. It's really predictable you know?

Just kidding with you, I'm a perfectly legal person! Maybe you do not know me at all..?


That's all right now! Maybe I'll publish something about me. And right now I'm eating a hamburger in the restaurant and thinking about how to steal the money from the cash register.

And I'll steal the money to afford more hamburgers in this restaurant!

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - October 7th, 2017

You know I'm very available on this site, and I'm just watching videos and getting socially interested.

And I hope I can make new friends and ask forgiveness from those I've hurt because of my selfishness in the past.

And maybe I'll resign if people hate me and try to be a better guy for them and for everyone.

Do you think they will forgive me? I do not expect people to come to this profile and start reading but at least I can eat a huge sandwich with a magic wand.

OK! See you later until I write something meaningless here.

I mean, something very meaningless.


Okay OK! Let's stop the nonsense. Come on, I went to throw a stone at a car.



Posted by KawaiiDaniel - May 2nd, 2017

Hello I'm sorry I have not been online for almost two months I hope I was not missing I was busy with all kinds of things that are difficult to do and I have a lot of pressure and load and there was not enough time to connect to the site as you know I'm not logged in a lot Maybe sometimes I play Roblox and Minecraft and help To friends in a few things thank you and good day.


So let's talk about our day and my day was great as usual I play every day on the computer and spend my time playing games hoping there are more people like me so I will not be the only one who does it and so I will not feel lonely and pretty scary does not it? Unfortunately no one reads this but I do it just for fun Hope someone reads it and enjoy it and even think it's funny Sometimes when I think about it in depth it's pretty funny!



So let's talk about the beginning of the day we all got up in the morning I ate breakfast cereals as usual I drank a cup of tea and went to my computer and played all day until this moment I stopped playing and started to write about my day Interesting What will happen in the future Meanwhile we are not in the future But we can wait for the future When the robots start work For us.


And we'll start talking about ending your day. In fact it will happen in the future and today is not over yet so how do we know it's over Get up in the morning and start talking about yesterday How did the day end Maybe there were some excitement and maybe funny things that are fun Who knows?

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - March 30th, 2017

hello there how are you buddy?

probably i don't care but hi how are you now i care because you reading my post but when i told you "Hello there how are you buddy? probably i don't care" you thought i do not care but when you will read my post i will care about your feelings and i will say "know what i care about everything that belong to you because you cooler than me" this is a lie just kidding of course you cooler than me i just doing posts about random stuff and then i talk about apples but first lets talk about bananas what the point in bananas feed monkeys?... eat bananas? nobody eating bananas what this is pico school i sounds like the teacher that asking pico if he ever ate banana or apple just kidding bananas are awesome and apples too and pineapples too and pinebananas too very very tasty but lets ask you a question

question number 1#

will you find diamonds at minecraft?

question number 2#

minecraft or roblox

question number 3# (final question)

would you eat bananas while you pushing apples to your ears because your mom is annoying and telling you to do homework because you have to be smarter than your friends because your mom thinks they wanna your lunch money actually you never earn money because you are stupid and you never have job or way to earn money actually you do! you can sell sandwichs like in this game "bum simulator" you can find it somewhere and play it and then find a house full in cheese and mices. 


goodbye, see you in my another crazy and stupid post!


just kidding, im awesome and cooler than you some guy that reading this cool post that cooler than you and your friends..




"EVERYTHING THIS AWESOME" in the lego movie of 1942 or 2014

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - March 1st, 2017


Happy birthday to you!

I hope you enjoy in this day pal and make more tests

and also i'm sorry i was always a horrible friend and a greedy friend and i hope you will forgive me for being a asshole.


and i hope you never be dead on newgrounds like everyone!

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - January 18th, 2017

good day pal ;)






nothing to write today give any ideas,

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - December 13th, 2016

We both know i a bad madness animator but i'm think i will look at videos and try to improve and i just rage and left my friends and i was like "i best animator ever" "you just jealous because i am better than you" and i said this because i was angry and just rage because i didnt want to know the truth about me (but we both knew that i a horrible animator) i'm not mad anymore about that because i know this was very stupid if you reading this i just wanna you know you was my best friends for some times till some guys started to hate me and later you too because i was a angry man and peoples added to their madness movies "Do you know TimmyFi? (my first name at newgrounds) he such a jerk" and these guys that did that or quit newgrounds or dead or just always online and always offline like me i'm always visiting newgrounds because i just love to watch some madness movies because it good to waste your time and wait for something good,



Some ideas for the future!

  1. I'm wanna improve and be a beginner as madness animator i didnt said i will be good at this i just try if i see i cant do that i will give up and have another good plans
  2. I'm need some guys to send a few sprites and to help me be a good animator if you can i not wanna to be greedy ya know just asking!
  3. Upload to newgrounds some funny madness comics.


Oh also i'm gonna talk about my day and you can ask questions share your day and your problems and blah blah we talk about our nice day and i'm be sometimes active at newgrounds and who hates me you can tell me i'm a horrible person or a animator and i will say "Yuuup! you're right but i will improve but if i see this is impossible for me to be a animator like everyone that started and joined newgrounds in 2013 - 2014 - 2015 like my old friends that not my friends for now because i was a horrible guy and thought i the best animator ever than them because i was stupid and angry like i said,




And i'm wanna have some new friends and talk with them about blogs and funny stuff at newgrounds because i am bored at this moment also i'm sorry for being horrible friend and uploading and copying stuff from newgrounds and horrible stuff that i did but uploaded that and this was very horrible stuff and i thought this is awesome just never was and never gonna be awesome because you know all my creations that got uploaded to newgrounds should be deleted by some managers or i'm dunno some guys and all the bad comments about my stuff very very correct,





Now lets talk about comedy did you saw a taco without taco but with a mustard and a nutshell without nutshell and ketchup without tomato and this very very stupid and weird comedy about nothing and about tasty food that you love to eat for lunch when your playing roblox then you eating taco because you love taco and you love roblox but this is very disappointing because you just ate virtual taco and you didnt felt the good taste of real taco!





And now lets talk about the failure comedy just kidding because i am to lazy to write something funny about funny comedy and this is very weird to talk about funny stuff and funny weird moments

Posted by KawaiiDaniel - October 8th, 2016

This is very weird i didnt thought i going to make a post about my very old post before few weeks called "A nice day"

now i posting this again but another part?,


Let me explain previous i didnt knew what should i choose.

"Lets talk about something"

or this one because at "lets talk about something" this is nice interesting post because ya know,

we talking about our life about my life about our morning and days about my this is nice you can turn on your computer read this post and eat cereals and enjoy your day like me.

Some reasons why i'm choose to make post about this.

  1. Well i'm do not know just want to make something interesting to read for some peoples ;)

Also i'm understand now "lets talk about something" and "a nice day" the same because in both posts we talking about our great morning and days,




So our morning very great we eat cereals drink coffee watch tv read our newspaper and turn on our computer as usual.










Posted by KawaiiDaniel - September 27th, 2016

Well, like i saw this madness day not was so good only few movies this is a big 
disappointment all of us waited for this day and when he come out only few movies seriously? well but i am still happy because all my days are wonderful, 

I give you some tips.

  1. Clean and ignore all of your thoughs
  2. When you wake up at morning read a newspaper and drink a coffee
  3. And then enjoy your day and eat a cereal before.


We just talked about this big 
disappointment but i'm believe this day can get better you can just believe that =)


One of you make my day better when i was sad,


Well i should thank this person he always reply my posts you should guess and know who is because he the only guy that give some comments at my posts because everyone ignores me and i do not think they know or happy i am back after i quit newgrounds forever but i always was here does not matter what just watched few madness movies and waited for this day but few weeks & days before september 22 i just came back to newgrounds but i was known as "TimmyFi" changed name to "KawaiiDaniel" for no special reason but i could say why.

Some reasons why i changed my name to this stupid one.


  1. Well i really do not know but i think i was kawaii at this times and changed my picture to something very ugly,
  2. I'm just wanted to be a "cool" guy and i never was one (lmao)
  3. Just a stupid choice ;(


Tomorrow i just could do all what i wrote,





I'm am happy you make me happy


(sounds funny, duh)




have a nice day and see ya at my next post!


Posted by KawaiiDaniel - September 23rd, 2016

well do you like music? 

of course i am well you can send me some music or write the song link in the comments another peoples will listen and i will too ;)





have a nice day peoples.



EDIT: i cant tell you my secret .